Created by Pinar Sadioglu (@p_sadioglu)


This tool uses the Speech Synthesis manager to convert input text to audible speech and either play it through the sound output device chosen in System Preferences or save it to an AIFF file.

2023-11-17Defense Evasion Collection Reconnaissance Discoverybash pbpaste clipboard osascript


  • /usr/bin/say

Use Cases

Read sensitive data

The following command can read and process sensitive files and redirects the output to a file..

say -f /home/user/sensitive-files -i  > loot.txt;

Collect clipboard data

The command is designed to enhance privacy by muting the system volume,using a less recognizable “Whisper” voice with the “say” command, processing the copied text in the clipboard, and saving the output to a file named “loot.txt.”

osascript -e 'set volume output muted true' ;   say $(pbpaste) -i  > loot.txt;


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